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Hauling, Porta Potties, Recycling

Red River Waste Management

Red River Waste Management offers hauling services, portable toilets for your construction site or event and recycling services for business and residential customers!


Red River Waste Management specializes in hauling from small, medium, and large equipment, as well as dirt, rocks, gravel, and recycled asphalt.

We offer convenient and easy pickup, flexible scheduling according to your needs, professional hauling so you know it will be done according environmental rules as well as excellent and fast customer service and response.

Hauling, Portable Toilets, Recycling

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Portable Toilets from Red River Waste Management

Porta Potties

Every job needs at least one portable toilet, it keeps the construction site clean and sanitary.  With Red River Waste Management it’s quick and easy to get a temporary porta potty on your job site. It’s also mandatory for most municipalities to provide restroom for your project.

It takes less than five minutes to get the service set up for you. On an average project, Red River Waste Management cleans out the toilets once per week; however, depending on the job site, we can clean them out as much as needed.

Red River Waste Management provides services for special events, construction projects, home renovations, sporting events, weddings, concerts, parties, fairs, and other functions where a group of people would attend.

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The recycling services offered by Red River Waste Management are primarily for commercial businesses. We do offer limited services for residential customers.

Organic Material Accepted
From Commercial Businesses: Grass clippings, tree trimmings, kitchen food, waste and paper products, such as, junk mail, cardboard, newspaper, paper plates and cups, chip board and magazines.

From Residential Customers: tree trimmings, grass clippings, and branches.

Non-Organic Materials Accepted
From Commercial Businesses: Plastic bags, dirt, rocks, concrete, and metal.

Recycling Service From Red River Waste Management

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